Appnimi PDF Unlocker

Appnimi PDF Unlocker is a utility which will help you recover passwords of pdf files using Dictionary and Brute Force methods.

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Here are some of the key features of the app

Bruteforce Method of Recovery

Bruteforce is one of the most popular method of recovery

Dictionary Method of Recovery

You can use list of common passwords in a text file to recover the password

Detailed statistics

While recovering you will get detailed statistics of the app.

Prefix and Suffix

Set prefix and suffix if you have any idea about them.

Pause and Resume

You can pause and resume the recovery process any time.

Supports machine restart

You can restart your machine and sill continue the recovery process from the point where it was before the machine shutdown.

Screenshots of Appnimi PDF Unlocker

Here are some of the screenshots of Appnimi PDF Unlocker in action

How to Use Appnimi PDF Unlocker

Here are the basic steps to get started with Appnimi PDF Unlocker

Select the Protected File whose password is to be recovered.

You can choose the optional parameters such as the Recovery Process, Prefix, Suffix, Character sets. Once done Click on the Start Button.

The App starts preparing for the recovery process. It might take some time for the process to complete and the actual recovery process to start.

After the recovery process starts you can see the detailed progress report at the bottom half of the app.

You can Pause or Stop the recovery any time you want.

The recovered password is shown in a popup window.

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Time Elapsed Report

Word count Report

Dictionary method of recovery

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Single User License

Single User License

Time Elapsed Report

Word count Report

Dictionary method of recovery

Bruteforce method of recovery

Prefix & Suffix

Auto Save recovery session at regular intervals

Pause & Resume recovery process

Pending Time Report

Pending Combination Report

Custom Characters for Bruteforce

1 Year Free Support

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Floating License

Single User License

Download Appnimi PDF Unlocker

Here you can download the package for Appnimi PDF Unlocker.

Release History

Here are the Release Notes and Dates for Appnimi PDF Unlocker

Version 5.0

10 Oct 2022

  • Speed now reaching more than 1 Million Passwords per Second

  • Major Improvement to the User Experience

  • Session History - It is a new feature with which you can now see previously recovered passwords on home screen

Version 4.0

04 April 2022

  • Major Bug Fixes

  • UI Improvements

Version 3.5

04 Nov 2017

  • Floating License support added to Enterprise Edition

Version 3.4

17 July 2017

  • Bug Fixes

Version 3.1

28 September 2016

  • Improved Licensing

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version 3.0

06 August 2016

  • Fresh Looking User Interface

  • Better Reports

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version 2.5

18 July 2014

  • Major Change in User Interface. Now it is more user friendly

  • Now get upto date report on the status of recovery process

  • Time elapses,Time remaining,Combinations Remaining

  • Pause and Resume the recovery process

  • Resume the recovery process at same point, even after you have shutdown the computer

Version 2.0

27 July 2011

  • Improved User Experience

  • Set prefix and/or suffix for a password generated using Brute force attack

  • Dictionary Method of Recovery added

Version 1.0

17 December 2010

  • First Release


Here is the list of some common questions

Question : What is Dictionary Method of Recovery?


In Brute Force method of Recovery the software will use a previously prepared list of common passwords. These password are stored in a file. Success of this method depends on the assumption that the password will be a commonly used password. There are lot of dictionaries of words available online.

Question : What is Brute Force Method of Recovery?


In Brute Force method of Recovery the software will generate a list of passwords from a combination of characters. These generated passwords are tried on the encrypted files. Success of this method depends a lot on the characters selected.


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