Appnimi Email Extractor

Appnimi Email Extractor is a tool to let you extract emails from texts, text file and/or web url.

Appnimi Email Extractor is an ideal tool for generating leads from the web or any text files which can be read.

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Here are some of the key features of the app

Extract Emails from Plain Text

Extract Emails from any plain text. Just copy and paste the code in the app and it will recover all the emails in it.

Extract Emails from Text files

Extract emails from text files. The app will recover any emails in the text files.

Extract Emails from Web Pages

Extract emails from any web pages. Enter the list of urls and the app will recover the emails from them.

Export the Extracted Emails

Extracted emails can be easily exported to a file.

Simple and Clean User Interface

With the simple and clean user interface you can start the recovery within few seconds of downloading the app.

Available for Mac OS

Available for download on Mac App Store.

Screenshots of Appnimi Email Extractor

Here are some of the screenshots of Appnimi Email Extractor in action

Appnimi Email Extractor 1
Appnimi Email Extractor 2
Appnimi Email Extractor 3
Appnimi Email Extractor 4
Appnimi Email Extractor 5

How to Use Appnimi Email Extractor

Here are the basic steps to get started with Appnimi Email Extractor

Enter the input text, text files or urls from which you want to extract in their respective input tabs.

Plain Text Tab : Copy and paste plain text from which you want to extract emails.

Text Files Tab : Select Text/HTML Files from which you want to extract emails in the .

Web Pages Tab: In this tab you enter the list of Web Page urls from which you want to extract emails.

Click on Extract Emails Button

You can export the extracted emails. Emails Extracted after entering the inputs in either or all of the tabs and clicking on the Extract Email Button.

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Order Appnimi Email Extractor

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Download Appnimi Email Extractor

Here you can download the package for Appnimi Email Extractor.

Release History

Here are the Release Notes and Dates for Appnimi Email Extractor

Version 1.0

15 August 2015

  • First Release


Here is the list of some common questions

Question : Can you export the extracted Emails?


Yes you can export the extracted emails. You can also select which emails to be exported

Question : Do you offer a refund?


As this is hosted on Mac Apple Store, the refund policy of the Mac App Store applies here



Are you ready to get Started with Appnimi Email Extractor?