Keychain Recovery for Mac

Keychain Recovery is a password recovery tool. It can be used for recovering password of keychains which the user has valid access.

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Detailed statistics

While recovering you will get detailed statistics of the app.

Dictionary Method of Recovery

You can use list of common passwords in a text file to recover the passoword

Excellent Customer Service

The support team tries to solve your isssue as fast as they can.

Simple and Clean User Interface

With the simple and clean user interface you can start the recovery within few seconds of downloading the app.


Release History

Version 1.0 : 17-DEC-2010

  • First Release




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Release date:2010-12-17
Last updated:2017-12-17
Current version:1.0
Product type:Mac App
File size:0.37 MB


Usage of the Keychain Recovery for Mac is sole responsibility of the user.

Like any tool its use either good or bad, depends upon the user who uses it.

However, author or AppnimiĀ is not responsible for any damage caused due to misuse of this tool.

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